Will English remain the global language in the future?


It’s quite nonanxious to say that English has been dominating the languages for a very long time. Its dominance over other languages is bright visible and reflects a monopoly in most of the countries world-wide. No need to say that English has been a core bridge which fills the gap between the people who know no common language but English.

If We consider verbal communication a country of cities and streets, English language is the highway smooth road which goes through all the countries and connects them to make a channel to pass the expression of interest in a common way, which both speaker and listener understand, irrespective of the fact that they belong to different countries and speak different language.

With the rise of globalization, the English language highway will only get smoother with the time. We can also derive a fact that It’s the power and effect of English language that the globalization has taken place. It’s very convenient to say that English language and International globalization of import, export, culture and many businesses are complimentary to each other. So globalization only gives strength to the English dominance rather than giving threat to its existence. However, the English highway, that passes through all nations and connects them to have a happier relationship, also gives strength to other languages that fall onto the sideways of that wide lanes, or we can say it also provides considerable measures to give strength to local languages.

We can interpret with the above passages that dominance of English and growth in internationalization are both complimentary in nature and parallels it also lifts local languages to a level to match with the aura of English. English is like a big investor who gives the platform to all the languages to come and adapt to the situation of internationalization. So globalization is a gain-gain business for all the languages and not suppressing the dominance of English.

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