Top Ten Youtubers of India You Must Subscribe

YouTubers from India

You tubers now days are no less than stars. The tremendous growth in internet connections and surge in smartphones industry has led to YouTubers  stardom. AIB and TVF has worked as a catalyst in the emergence of YouTube and its artists. According to statistics, approximate 20,000 users upload 3.8 lakh videos on YouTube and attract almost 1.1 crores of subscribers.

There are hundreds of youtubers in India but there are few who have made a significant contribution to the digital entertainment industry. Today let’s talk about top ten YouTube stars of India:

Tanmay Bhatt:


He is one of the topmost YouTube stars of India. He is also the co-founder of All India Bakchod. Unfussed look, overweight body and a wicked personality, he is nothing like a star but still, he made it to Forbes list of richest celebrities sharing the list with stars like Shahrukh Khan and Amitabh Bachan. He has also done a cameo in Ragini MMS 2, but nothing has brought as much stardom to him as YouTube has done.

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Bhuvan Bham:


His career started with lots of controversies when he chose to ask a mother who recently lost her child in Kashmir floods very insensitive question. His video went viral overnight and got lots of criticism. But he got to know the power of YouTube and officially debuted in 2015 and there has been no looking back for him since then. He shoots everything at his home itself and is working independently and as a solo artist.

Sahil Khattar:


At the age of 17, Sahil Khattar tasted success becoming Chandigarh’s topmost Radio jockey. From his early days he has lived life king size and then in 2011 he decided to move to Mumbai to try his luck. Initially, he had to struggle a lot to stay in Mumbai but his hard work finally paid off in 2014. A digital media company “cultural machine” hired him for programming, it was a perfect fit for him as he was used to theatrics.

Nisha Madhulika:


Way back in 2007, Nisha Madhulika was struggling with her loneliness, it was that time of her life when her children were grown up and moved out. Then she starting writing blogs and by 2011 she wrote almost 100 recipes, her fans started asking her to upload videos. Initially, there were some hurdles as she didn’t have a proper kitchen set up, then with her husband’s help, she set up a separate room with all necessary equipment. And now she uploads two recipes a week, rest of the days are engaged in researching and planning.

Sanam Puri:


Being you tuber was an accident for Sanam Puri. He developed a love for music in the tender age of six but got serious after 2010 when he along with his brother and two friends went for an audition for times music superstar hunt and formed SSQ band. He recorded some music videos to send them to a few international agents and randomly put it on YouTube as well for which they received $ 800 from Google. And since then there has been no looking back for him.

Shruti Anand:


There was a time when she herself used to watch make tips from YouTube and that is when she realized most of the videos uploaded are not for Indian skin tone.   Then in 2011 she started posting “how to apply makeup” videos and became popular slowly but steadily. She moved back to India from Washington DC along with her husband in 2013, who quit his job to build YouTube channel for her along with a team of five members.

Kanan Gill:


It’s a very tough job to make someone smile and that is what Kanan is expert in doing. Everything started from his school days when he used to be a very fat boy and just to sound like a cool dude he used to cook up stories. He is expert in critically analyse movies in his own pretentious ways and that is what makes him a YouTube star.

Arunabh Kumar:


Alumnus of IIT, found his love in art and creativity during his college days. He then started TVF and became an instant hit in the entertainment industry and today his company became a 2nd biggest company in the digital entertainment industry.

Vikram Yadav:


The simplest person on the list and doctor by profession. Vikram Yadav has contributed a lot to sharing medical and surgical information on YouTube. He uploads videos for the benefits of medical students and also uploads health-related tips for a common man.

Sanjay Thumma:


He was a chef and was running his own restaurant in the US. But in 2008 he sold his restaurants and started his life all over again. He started posting his recipes on YouTube for his friends and family but it turned out to be a huge success and his videos went viral, he became YouTube sensation overnight. He then planned to shift India and now is living here along with his family. His videos are more of a family affair in which he and his wife features.



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