Ritesh Chhabra, son Of Principal Ritu Chhabra Demands Justice

Justice for Ritu Chhabra
Credit: Ritesh Chhabra

It’s been since three days the murder of Ritu Chhabra has happened, who was shot by a class 12th student in her cabin on 20th Saturday 2018. Everyone is cursing that student for his action and wants justice in this case soon.

On the other day Ritesh Chhabra, son of late Ritu Chhabra has posted on his social media seeking justice for his mother who’s been brutally killed by one of her students and putting shame on the whole educational system for not taking any initiative.

Here’s what he wrote :

“I, Ritesh Chhabra, son of Ritu Chhabra who was brutally killed by her student demand justice for my family and for thousands of people who love her. If she doesn’t get justice, this will be a shame, on the whole, educational and judiciary system. If a teacher/principal gets killed for showing the right path to a student, I believe there is no moral values left in the society anymore. A person who was loved by every student, a teacher who was serving for the last 19 years just to educate the Children and to make them better every day. BUT SHE GETS KILLED JUST FOR THE BETTERMENT OF EDUCATION. I ASK SUPPORT OF EVERYONE TO GET JUSTICE FOR HER. SHE WAS NOT ONLY A MOTHER TO ME BUT A TEACHER TOO…. #JUSTICE

The student was caught by the angry locals and other parents, who were there to attend PTM.  Currently, The accused student is in police custody for murder under section 302 of the IPC.

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