Why You Must Experience Honeymoon At Least Once In Your Lifetime


Whether you are a couple going to marry or newly married you always ask each other “Honey after our wedding, when will it be our honeymoon?” , “And sweetheart where are we spending our honeymoon?”, “so baby how long are we going to stay there?” et cetera .There is so much agitation about Honeymoon; taking some days, weeks or months off; going 2 resorts, hotels or traveling outside the country, all in the name of Honeymoon.

The honeymoon is a time for the newlywed couple to abscond from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, the stress they encountered from planning their wedding and attention they received from family and friends regarding their marriage.

A user on the famous question and answer site quora asked the question “How significant is it to go for a honeymoon after marriage?” and the answers which he got from another quora users are amazing.In this article, we are giving the best quora responses which left us amazed.


“It is very important. It is a warm-up before you get into the real marriage life. Here is when most people start getting a real feeling about marriage. Some get shocked because it’s not what they imagined about a marriage life, some not. On the other hand, it can be the most memorable and beautiful thing about the marriage. Some people can keep a nice view of their spouse which they got on their honeymoon for years. So one week honeymoon is worth taking if it can make a beautiful memory in you life for some years to come. ”  Ben Corona.


“Weddings can be really stressful, and the honeymoon is a great way to relieve some of that. It is also an emotionally charged moment that is rarely cherished by couples in privacy – the honeymoon again steps in to do the needful.

In cultures where arranged marriages are the norm, the honeymoon acts as an icebreaker of sorts for couples who have never previously mingled outside the extensive company. In other cultures, it is simply social obligation that requires you to take your spouse for a holiday. I think the best reason is basically because its a nice thing for couples to do as a first-thing-we-did-after-we-got-married. The memories from honeymoons will be cherished for a long time thereafter! ” commented Prayash Giria.


“It’s about as important as taking a vacation is important in general. Some people go on working for years without taking a break. Personally, I think it does wonders to your mental health when you go on vacation every once in a while, and as years pass, my definition of “a while” gets shorter and shorter.

For many people pre-wedding preparations can be stressful and exhausting. It might make sense to take a break from your daily responsibilities shortly after, ” wrote Marina.


“It is important for you two to bond together as husband and wife. But some might not be able to go as having lack of financial backup. In that case you can take a month of from work and relax at home together. Or you can also go somewhere close to home and rent another house over there and relax.” Hussain Saherwala


“It is important to consider your circumstances first.Talk to your wife about it. You both can go to a place where you two can be together comfortably, stressless, building intimacy further. Newlyweds aren’t rich, then choose places that aren’t far, and doesn’t involve spending much. Go spend a vacation with nature where there is nobody but you and your significant other like Adam and Eve.

Go to your childhood places and those of your spouse to know more about how one another grow up first hand. Or be on a cruise. Traveling is the destination while savoring grand view of the ocean and oasis of the setting with him/her,” commented Ernie Carter.


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