A mission to cut expenses on launches : ISRO


The Department of Space (DoS) is anticipating an increase in financial outlay in next month’s Budget, the new secretary of DoS, K. Sivan said the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) was continuously working to reduce the cost of its satellite and launch vehicle missions.

On the launch vehicles or rockets that usually put these satellites into space, the main use of low-cost, space-grade materials and their components could reduce the weight of the rocket and make it capable to carry even heavier payloads. Last year the allocation was Rs. 9,093 crore was not enough. ISRO need more satellites and more launch vehicles to launch them. ISRO also need new facilities to make them and for all this ISRO needs a large amount of allocation in Budget.

The world of innovations and value additions in ISRO needed to enhance the GSLV. Geosynchronous Satellite Launch Vehicles (GSLV) needs to be improved and enhanced. GSLV Mk III is the largest launch vehicle developed by India. For all these developments and improvements agency wants better allocation.

Is ISRO’s cost-consciousness an Indian thing? Well, I would say it is an ISRO thing when world’s other popular countries like U.S, Russia, China are continuously trying to get better technology and enhance it then India is on the right path with the mission like this. In Vikram Sarabhai’s words,” space technology must be used to improve living standards of people in the country”.

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