The Man Who Became Voice Of Youth through “Jan Ki Baat”

Pradeep Bhandaari: Jan ki Baat

At the age of 25 when some of us are just at initial stages of our career. There is a boy from Indore who took public journalism to all new level.  Pradip Bhandari is the founder of one of India’s largest multilingual youth digital media platform  “JAN KI BAAT”. This is the social media platform wherein, volunteers post live videos, photos, and texts on social issues and invite people to participate in the talk. All their reporters are less than the age of 35, it is a company young in it’s DNA. His vision to is to give voice to aspirational young Indian, to contribute in India’s development journey.

Early life:

Born in a family where her mother Dr. Rajni Bhandari is a social worker and father Dilip Bhandari is a police officer and a President Gallantry holder, Undoubtedly dedication, kind-heartedness, discipline, compassion run in the blood of the family. He says-“ my mother father and my sisters are my biggest source of inspiration and support”. The fearless attitude of Pradip has made him the youth inspiration for many. He never hesitates to raise his voice for the betterment of society and people. He holds two degrees one in BE Electronics and communication, and another onePublic Policy and Economics. He has also done theatre and filmmaking. He has also performed at the prestigious Rangashankara, Bangalore.

The starting point:

It all started when one day he was watching a debate on a television and felt like participating in the same to share his point of view on the issue. To share his thoughts and highlighting social issues he started posting live videos on Facebook and realized that there are many people who have certain mindsets and wants to put forward their thoughts but do not get the right platform to share them and that is when he felt that there should be some way through which people can come forward and share their opinions and belief with rest of the society for its betterment and upliftment.

Pradeep Bhandari

Jan Ki Baat

Bhandari gave them that platform through “JAN KI BAT” where anyone can put forward their thoughts without any fear and hesitation. Even Jan ki Baat reporters are mainly on ground Bhandari says,” The millennial generation wants to understand, contribute, express and debate something that is not possible on a unidirectional medium like the TV only, though TV is an excellent platform for brand recognition.” He feels that media tech model democratizing opinion with multiscreen presence can be a differentiator.  Some people question Pradip on high voltage activity of Jan Ki Baat. Pradip responds –“ why not? Elections is one big event where people are ready to express their problems, and decision makers are willing to actively listen. I am extremely proud that my team has been able to predict all elections till date with absolute accuracy. We have gone to states like Gujarat, and Tripura at the same time. We believe in equality.”

The Team & Support:

Akriti Bhatia, who is a founding partner of “Jan ki Bat” constantly supported Bhandari to achieve what he wanted to. Her constant support, research skillsets for both backend and frontend boosted Bhandari’s confidence and will to do more, and build a good team.Now Jan ki bat has become big platform especially for the youth of today, and it has started holding live debates on weekly basis.

Bhandari and his team of citizen journalists were the first one to report ground issues and realities of UP elections. They had also covered MCD elections of Delhi, with the help of almost 50 Uber drivers who volunteered to cover each and every area of elections.  He has predicted all elections accurately. If he gets Tripura correct,  it will be his 6th  in a row. He has the alsogiven importance of the voice of the people on social issues and controversies, be it triple talaq, dharna for water and electricity, EVM tampering issue. He also had no fear when he participated actively in the fight for stopping killings in Kerela.

Achievements & Accolades:

Being in media is nothing new for him, he has actively been part of other forms of media as well. He has served as and contributed to My parliament. He features actively on political and policy issues on DD News, NDTV, Republic, Zee News, News24, CNN News, Delhi Aajtak and BTVi. Apart from this, he writes occasionally for Daily Yo, Swarajya, OpIndia, Myind. He also has written policy paper in 2012-“ Titled MGNREGA 2.0: towards building capital long-term assets”.

Bhandari has many awards in his kitty, he has bagged Global diplomacy award in the year 2013, Young leader award 2014, Delhi youth award 2017, and digital empowerment foundation award 2017. He is not only a good speaker and thought leader but has been active in sports as well. Cricket was his first love.He has been all-rounder throughout his life.

The Success Secret:

Bhandari is a man with fearless and golden heart, who has been working for the betterment of society and its people. He wants to help those people who are suffering because of injustice in society. He feels,” Passion is working from the “Heart- Dilse” and his heart beats for people suffering for basic needs and contribute in realizing their aspirations”.

In a country like India where people are not vocal about their rights and needs, we need more people like Pradip Bhandari to become the voice of youth.


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