Latest wedding trends set by B-town actresses


With B-town actresses flourishing with their unique and trendy designs, it’s extremely awesome getting inspired by them. This year has perhaps witnessed the glory of immense beautiful memories with the top actresses getting married. Perhaps people are more fascinated with their apparel and jewellery than the merry-making. A benchmark has been set by these actresses having beautifully designed bridal dresses.

Recently encountered marriages of Sonam Kapoor, Anushka Sharma, and the girl with beauty and brain Deepika Padukone along with Priyanka Chopra, have glittered our eyes with the flawless designs of the outfits and the jewelry.

Well, few things were very common among all these marriages like actresses putting on very less makeup, believing in natural beauty over artificial one, having a dress code for different functions, selection of red colored outfits, and that perfect entry. These all when combined gave a huge success to the wedding. The red colored outfit was very prominent among every actress. Some wore it on their reception and some on the wedding day itself.

Latest Wedding Trends
Latest Wedding Trends

These actresses enveloped in various designer’s masterpiece really give an impression of beauty and we, after watching them, try imitating them just to see ourselves happy and beautiful. These actresses are often prompted and attracted towards traditional style and colors while being little trendy which has set an embark on how one can look beautiful without heavy makeup and dresses. They actually blow up our minds by thinking about what they wear and how they look.

These days the Indo-fusion ethnic outfits have become the biggest asset for weddings. Just with their impeccable acting skills which are the need of the hour, they shine with their elegant dresses and outfits, outshining every other thing and making these trendy styles as the need of the hour as well.

Our society which is completely Bollywood obsessed always try looking out on what the actresses wear on their weddings and functions and we try to incorporate even a little bit of those features within us and seem happy even if a single match is seen. This is how the B-towns actresses actually affect our lifestyle dress and design.



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