Interesting Facts I Bet You Never Knew About JASPRIT BUMRAH

Jasprit Bumrah

Who knew that the little boy born in the chilling winters of December 06 1993 will become an indispensable asset for the country’s most loved sport cricket.

Born to Mr. Jasbir Singh and Mrs. Daljit, this little boy was named Jaspreet. Yes, we are talking about Jasprit Bumrah.

Jaspreet Jasbir Singh Bumrah is right arm fast bowler for Indian National Cricket Team in all formats of the game. Blessed with the ability to bowl inswinging Yorker and get the sweep to bounce off the pitch, this Gujarat Pacer consistently bowls at 145- 150 km per hour. This speed makes him one of the fastest bowler in India.

In such a short span of time, he has earned the name of ‘Yorker king’ and ‘death over Specialist’ because of his lethal Yorker deliveries.

Jaspreet started playing serious cricket at a very young age of 14 at Nirman high school in Ahmedabad. It was when Jaspreet was in class 6th, his mother realized the boy’s love for the game. Kishore Trivedi and Ketul Purohit were two of his early coaches who spotted his god gifted talent from the get-go. By the time Jaspreet reached class 8, this young Chap started getting selected in cricket teams everywhere and this made his extraordinary skills evident to all.

In 2012-13, Bumrah made his T20 debut with Gujarat team in Syed Mushtaq Ali trophy. In the very first match against Maharashtra, he clinched the title of man of the match. With this commendable performance, Bumrah showed that he is going to have a long and stable career in cricket.

Bumrah played first-class cricket for Gujarat and made his debut against Vidarbha in October’13. He ended the tournament as the side’s leading Wicket-taker after taking 7 wickets.

The turning point came when Bumrah impressed Mumbai Indians coach John Wright with his bowling skills and got picked by Mumbai Indians to play the IPL in 2013. In his first IPL match, he took 3 wickets for 32 runs against Royal Challenger Bangalore and became the second bowler who picked 3 wickets in his debut.

He played his first game for India in 2016, a T-20 against Australia. Despite being a regular member of the India-A team since 2014, Bumrah’s debut for India was delayed due to his knee injury. He came back after a gap of almost five months and had a brilliant domestic season, after which he got his maiden international call-up.

His journey of becoming magical bowler is also very interesting. It started with an anti-disturbance mechanism invention. Jaspreet was not allowed to go out and play cricket in scorching noons of hot summers. So this vivacious boy set the house in turmoil by bouncing the ball on walls. In order to have Sound afternoon nap, mom Daljit Bumrah imposed a condition on her son that he could only bowl at the walls if he found a way to keep the noise down. Being an obedient child Jaspreet searched for a unique way and chose floor skirting as the target where the ball made the least sound when it bounced off it. Jaspreet did not realize it would be the formative years of training for the Yorker he would be famous for.

Jaspreet has witnessed highs and lows of life. The hardship of life started when at the age of 7, Jaspreet lost his father Jasbir Singh.

Jasprit Bumrah

After that, her mother Daljeet Bumrah raised him and his sister Juhika single-handedly. Being a single mother, allowing her son to pursue cricket as a career was very difficult as the future was full of apprehensions. But on the professional front, as a teacher, Daljeet Ji always lobbied to keep trust in the child’s finally she decided to let her son follow his dreams.

Difficulties of life chiseled him as a very composed and Earthy person. His teachers recall that he was always a very sober well-behaved boy and content with what he was doing. Jaspreet had a time when it was difficult for him to afford one pair of sports shoes. But enculturation he got from his mother kept him moving.

Fire on the field, Jaspreet is a simple boy attached to his roots. Jaspreet considers Sri Lankan cricketer Lasith Malinga his guru as he taught him to bowl yorkers. Amitabh Bachchan is his all-time favorite hero. He loves listening to music and enjoys rajma chawal cooked by his mom.

We wish this charismatic cricketer a long inning in international cricket and expect a superb performance in ongoing world cup 2019.

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