The word ‘Euthanasia’ is a Greek word, which means ‘ Good death’. Euthanasia basically comprises with two broad categories, Active ( introducing something to cause death) to Passive ( with holding treatment or supportive measures). This has some other sub categories also like voluntary (Consent) to Involuntary (Consent from guardian).

In most countries, euthanasia is against the law and it may carry a jail sentence. In recent times we are seeing an overlapping process between ‘Euthanasia’ and ‘Assisted suicide’, very first we should know the differences between these two terms.

  1. Euthanasia: A doctor is allowed by law to end a person’s life by a painless means, as long as the patient and their family agree.
  2. Assisted suicide: A doctor assists a patient to commit suicide if they request it.

Should Euthanasia be allowed?

According to the Constitution of India, Article 21 gives us the ‘Right to live’ but at the same time it also says ‘with dignity’. When you are in pain, cannot feel anything, not well mentally then in this case there is no dignity at all. In the specific situation you are forced to rely on your kith and kin for support.

Section 309 of the Indian Penal code prescribes punishment for suicide attempts but the question is,” If you don’t want to live your life with dignity and you cannot be, then should any of the law force you to live unwillingly?

‘Right to live’ and ‘Right to die’

Constitution of India, Article-21gives every citizen a ‘Right to live with dignity’ then why can’t a citizen die if he/she is willing to do so?

‘Recent Cases’

Narayan Lavate (88) and Iravati Lavate (78) from Maharashtra say that they don’t want to live and do not wish to be a burden on society as they don’t have children and other relatives anymore. Their argument is,” why should we waste the scarce resources of the country on us, we don’t want to live and also they said that this is a ‘criminal waste’.

Euthanasia is an overtime issue of debates and Lavate couple made it relevant to ‘ Demands by Logic’. Lavate couple have written a letter to the President of India and seek euthanasia.

‘Euthanasia’ means by ‘mercy-killing’ but it could be sentenced as ‘‘ Right to die; willingly” can hopefully make it more logical.


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