Blackbuck is ‘Endangered’ but more ‘Famous’ species


Blackbuck,(Antipole Cervicapra) an antipole (family; Bovidae) indigenous to the plains of India. Blackbuck found in semidesert plains and open forest throughout India. Males are dark brown above and white below, with white rings around the eyes. The females are smaller hornless are fawn-coloured above and white below. They are extremely swift animals a chetah can run down a blackbuck, but only when if it overtakes it in the first few hundred yards. Blackbuck is the fastest animal (mammal) and phylum chordata.

By the time India enacted the wildlife protection Act, 1972 to give the blackbuck more protection as the tiger, their numbers had dwindled to under 30,000.

IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature)the body that keeps track of endangered species across the world had altered from ‘Vulnerable’ during the 1990’s to ‘Nearly Threatened’ in 2003.

The antelope was first introduced in Texas in the Edwards plateau in 1932. The population gradually increased by 1988 and blackbuck became the most populous exotic animal in Texas after Chital.

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Blackbucks distribution in Texas.

During 20th century blackbuck numbers declined sharply due to excessive hunting. The blackbuck is listed under Appendix lll of CITES. In India hunting of blackbuck is prohibited under schedule l of the wildlife protection Act of 1972.

A Bishnoi woman is feeding Blackbuck

A Bishnoi devotee, a community where almost 10% of their crops is strictly to  wildlife.In Rajasthan Bishnoi women treats Blackbuck as their child. This is the tradition of Bishnoi community in Rajasthan’s  Jodhpur, Bikaner, Barmer to protect Blackbuck as their child.

Sometimes traditional beliefs help to conserve the nature and every citizen should understand the feelings rather than only an animal.In Rajasthan, for more than 500 years, the Bishnoi community has protected and natured wildlife. last week, Actor Salman khan was convicted of poaching two Blackbucks; which is an endangered species and was sentenced for five years in jail.

Bishnoi Community is also known for forgiveness, and Actor Salman khan needs that now.

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