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After the success of AIB, many people are working on entertaining web series even our bollywood directors have also come up with their respective web series on  youtube. Running Wheel Motion Pictures has also brought to you a first episode of most entertaining web series.


In the 1998’s Indian blockbuster ‘Kuch Kuch Hota Hai’ Shah Rukh Khan famously said – “we live once, die once and fall in love only once”. Cut to twenty eighteen, we say cupid can strike multiple times. Honest Guy in love is about a guy who has fallen in love, oh sorry! fallen in lust for the eight time.
A new girl has joined in the guy’s office team. He didn’t pay heave to attributes such as her innocence, cuteness or smile but dedicated all his focus on her body. And that was enough for this desperate to pronounce that she is his latest fantasy. But screwed in love on each of the previous seven occasion, our Mr. Desperate doesn’t know how must he go about his business. To add to his trouble is his friend. He makes him feel inferior by making him realize that the girl out of the reach of a guy in him, he makes him believe that there would be a guy better than him approaching the girl, he brings in a sense of fear in him by letting him know that the girl’s father is a cop.
And that is not all. The girl Mr. Desperate is after isn’t a chick to be trapped to easily. She is well aware of all the tricks guy like him resort to. Keeping a guy like him at bay is a routine work for her. So much so against him, the guy has only one weapon at his disposal, his never say die or we must say, never say ‘bye’ attitude. Lets find out what happens of our Mr. Desperate who is our HONEST Guy In Love.
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