5 Unusual Phobias And Fears You Will Be Shocked To Know


We all have certain phobias, fears, and inhibitions. These are unpleasant emotions induced by a feeling of threat, danger, harm or pain. You feel that something bad is going to happen. Fear can vary from person to person and so as their reactions. Some of the common reactions are:

  • Increase in heartbeat
  • Fluctuation in blood pressure
  • Dilation of pupils
  • Increased sweating

These reactions come automatically once we face our fear.

While we have some common fears like fear of getting separated from parents, fear of ghosts, fear of darkness etc. There are some people have s unusual fears which you may not have even heard of. Today we will look into some of such unusual fears.

Somniphobia- fear of falling asleep:


The most unusual type of fear is fear of falling asleep. The sufferer is terrified with the thought of what might happen when he’ll fall asleep. They associate going to bed directly to dying. Sleep Walking, Sleep Paralysis, Sleep talking, Anxiety is few of the major factors that contribute to building up such fear. To overcome this fear it is important to calm down your inner soul. Meditation or chanting some mantras before going to bed might help the sufferer to enjoy the process of sleeping.

Hylophobia- fear of trees:


This fear is associated with wood, forests, and trees, Sufferer avoids going to such areas where there is a large number of trees. Such fear develops due to high exposure to movies revolving around fairy tales which involves scary forests and demons which live there in childhood. It can also be due to the particular traumatic event which sufferer had encountered or has heard about it. The cure for this phobia is counseling and psychotherapy.

Omphalophobia – Fear of navels:


This may sound really weird, but yes people have fear of naval.They are scared to touch their own or anyone else’s belly button.In fact, the mere idea of seeing the belly button gives them goosebumps.The most common reason behind this is, thought of getting hurt.During childhood, we generally poke around it and ends up in hurting ourselves.Some people feel really unhygienic about it.

Pogonophobia: Fear of Beards –


Keeping beard is in fashion these days.Clean Shaven guys are rarely to be seen.But there are some people who have fear of beards.Merely looking at a person who has beard give goosebumps to the sufferer.Earlier in USA mothers often used to tell their daughters never to believe men with beard unless its a Santa Claus.There can be various reason for such phobia, one of such reasons can be past traumatic experience with a man with a beard.Some people associate it with illness, misfortune, and dirt.

Nomophobia – Fear of being without mobile phone coverage:


This is most unusual but most common phobia these days, Fear of not having access to a cellphone. This is one mental illness that is caused due to technology.We have become slaves to mobile phones that mere feeling of losing a cellphone or losing its connectivity gives us a panic attack.



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